Disano 927 Echo – 1-lamp version LED – Energy Saving

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Born from the experience of Disano, the waterproof LED fixture benefits from the technology, engineering and reliability proven throughout the years by Disano, which has always been a global leader in the manufacturing of waterproof lighting fixtures. The lamp’s housing is in shatterproof polycarbonate, with IP66 protection rating, particularly resistant thanks to the reinforced structure with internal ribbing. Mounting is made simple by the stainless steel bracket that is supplied with the product and allows ceiling mounting, while the spring hook enables the lamp to be quickly hooked to any chain suspension system.

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Moreover special guide grooves guarantee perfect alignment of the fixtures in a continuous row.  These characteristics are supported by all the benefits of LED technology, i.e. light sources with a very long life (80,000 hours), low consumption and high light quality.
HOUSING: Injection moulded, in RAL 7035 grey polycarbonate, vandal resistant, UV stabilized, high mechanical resistance due to the frame reinforced by internal ribbing.
DIFFUSER: Injection moulded, in V2 self-extinguishing polycarbonate, UV stabilized, clear polycarbonate, prismatic inside for better light control and high lighting performance. The external smooth finish facilitates cleaning, essential to maintain maximum lighting efficiency.
EQUIPMENT: plug connector.
REGULATIONS: Produced according to applicable EN60598-1  CEI34-21 standards, degree of protection IP66IK08 according to EN60529. Can be installed on normally inflammable surfaces.Glow wire tested at 850°C.
life 80.000h to 80% L80B20
Photobiological safety class: exempt group EN62471. Low Flicker
On request: High performance version, dimmable, Narrow beam version (Sub 22)
Order 371/372 accessories to complete the continuous lines.
RADAR SENSOR (subcode -19): an electronic device that immediately detects any presence entering its range. When the sensor reads movement inside its range, lights will stay on. When it no longer detects movement within its range, lights will turn off after a pre-set time.
S.A. Emergency (Maintained): In the event of a black-out the one lamp connected to the back-up circuit stays on, thus avoiding the inconvenience caused by a sudden absence of all light.
Emergency run time: 60 minutes. When power is restored, the battery recharges automatically.
THE POLYCARBONATE WATER-PROOF LIGHTING fittings have a level of water protection rated at IP66IK08 if installed in environments with temperatures that do not exceed 45°C.  Direct exposure to sunlight causes the temperature to readily exceed 45°C, compromising the degree of protection IP66IK08. The lighting fittings must be used appropriately without changing the mechanical and protection features and must not be installed on surfaces subject to strong vibrations, outdoors on cables or poles.
This lighting fixture meets the global standards of the International Food Safety (IFS), the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the HACCP Directive regarding the safety of the lighting systems in the food industry.
In any case, it will be necessary to contact appointed designers and
’s consultancy office to check the compatibility of materials with the food products processed and in all industrial environments where sanitizing systems are installed.

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CodeGearKgLumen Output-K-CRIWTotColour
164700-00CLD CELL0.84LED 1593lm-4000K-CRI>8011WGREY
164701-00CLD CELL1.6LED 2870lm-4000K-CRI>8019WGREY
164702-00CLD CELL1.75LED 3830lm-4000K-CRI>8024WGREY
164701-07CLD CELL-E2.06LED 2870lm-4000K-CRI>8022WGREY
164702-07CLD CELL-E2.35LED 3830lm-4000K-CRI>8027WGREY