Disano 845 Comfort Panel HCL – WIRELESS

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There is increasing talk around Human Centric Lighting, a new approach to designing lighting projects using LED technology to make our environments healthier and more pleasant. It is a trend that is influencing crucial sectors of the market, such as the lighting of industrial plants, offices, schools and hospitals. This is the product that meets these demands
Comfort Panel comes in either a square or rectangular shape that can be easily installed into ceilings.

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It is equipped with fast connectors, avoiding the need to open the unit. Its shape guarantees uniform light distribution, while the white-light LEDs generate high light quality, ensuring the best visual comfort.
The Wireless version has integrated driver and can be managed or controlled by the app
Housing: in sheet steel, contact mounting on the cross T structure.
Diffuser: in opal engineering plastic with high thermal transmittance.
Wiring: rapid wring connection, the fixture does not need to be opened.
Luminous flux maintenance 80% 50000h (L80B20)
Photobiological safety class: exempt group
Power factor 0,95
The Dynamic White function allows adjusting the colour temperature from 2700K to 6500K to create a sense of the passing of time (circadian rhythm) and to set the mood and ambiance of a space according to our daily activities. Circadian lighting obtained with the Dynamic White function is the best solution to implement Human Centric Lighting (HCL) in classrooms, university campuses, offices and hospitals where lights can mimic the natural trend of daylight throughout the entire day.
• Colour temperature adjustment range from 2700K to 6500K on a linear scale
• CRI 90 MacAdams 3
• Full 3% to 100% dimming range
• Switch-off fading
• <4% flicker
• Constant colour temperature over the entire dimming range
• LED driver that automatically adjusts lights to the desired colour temperature and the required luminous flux
• Simulation of daylight throughout the day
• Increased concentration, productivity and visual wellbeing
• Circadian cycle:
colour changes automatically based on time and daylight

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CodeGearKgLumen Output-K-CRIWTotColour
150223-89CLD CELL-D-D5.46LED 3479lm-2700-6500K-CRI 9035WWHITE