Disano 840 LED Panel R – UGR<19 - CRI>90

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The superior quality of LED lighting is now more accessible thanks to a benchmark product that offers, at reduced costs, the ideal light for offices, shopping malls, hotels and in general all those spaces that need constant lighting.  A simple solution to have the most updated technology in terms of interior lighting.
The integration of a LED source inside a lighting fixture is not always synonym with extraordinary performance. Long life and excellent light output are also guaranteed by the use of accurately tested, controlled and selected materials that can keep certain lighting and aesthetic qualities unaltered, such as lumen maintenance, perfect colour rendering, no glare and anti-yellowing properties.

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All this, combined with a well-known brand, will ensure reliability and efficiency over time.
However, we must not forget that the presence of a LED source is not enough to guarantee truly exceptional lighting performance levels, as well as long life and quality light output. Other equally important factors are necessary to determine true quality.
In the ours panels, a special slab is inserted between the LED source and the diffuser. This component is fundamental for ensuring the right quality and amount of light output: that is a polymer that keeps its characteristics unaltered in time and prevents the lens from yellowing, which is a phenomenon that is likely to occur in “cheaper” products that use polystyrene (PS) which is available at much lower prices.The result? Unlike PMMA slabs, the ones in PS become yellow after 6-8000 hours of operation, decreasing both the amount and the quality of the light emitted. And what’s worse, even when the fixture is switched off, they can compromise the perfect integration of the white panel into the false ceiling, affecting the overall appearance of the installation. Thanks to the slab in PMMA, the ours panels is capable of taking full advantage of the lighting benefits ensured by the most advanced LED sources, keeping them unaltered over time: 80% lumen maintenance for 50000 h (L80B20), perfect colour rendering (CRI≥80 or CRI>90), no glare (UGR<19) and certified low flickering level.
Housing and frame: housing in galvanised steel sheet, and frame in aluminium.
Inner slab: in PMMA.
Diffuser: in engineering plastic with high thermal transmittance.
UGR glare index:
UGR<19 (in any situation). – EN 12464. Art 150211-00: not UGR<19
Power factor ≥0.95
Luminous flux maintenance 80% 50.000h (L80B20).
Photobiological safety class: Exempt group.

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CodeGearKgLumen Output-K-CRIWTotColour
150209-00CLD CELL4.1LED 3318lm-4000K-CRI>9033WWHITE
150209-39CLD CELL3.54LED 3086lm-3000K-CRI>9033WWHITE
150209-0041CLD CELL-D-D3.56LED 3318lm-4000K-CRI>9032WWHITE