Disano 813 Comfortsquare HCL – WIRELESS – presence and light sensor

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The Human Centric Lighting approach puts the spotlight on people’s health and wellbeing. Light must be of high quality, with perfect colour rendering, no glare and flickering and suited for the visual task at hand. Moreover, luminous flux and colour temperatures must adapt to different needs throughout the day in order to create a balance between artificial and natural light. For example, cold lights should be used in places where people need to concentrate, while warmer lights should be used in places where people relax.

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Disano offers a great variety of products to implement this lighting philosophy in offices, lecture rooms, hospitals and in places where we spend most of our days.
Comfortsquare is the latest born in Disano’s series of recessed LED fixtures that use the shape of a light panel, a solution which is becoming an increasingly popular choice in offices, healthcare structures and retail spaces.
The excellent light distribution and anti-glare optics UGR <16 favour maximum efficiency and visual comfort.
Moreover, their versatile use makes these fixtures suited in virtually any interior lighting design.
Housing: self-extinguishing injection-moulded polycarbonate in RAL 9016 colour.
The standard version of Comfortsquare integrates a presence/lighting sensor to turn lights on or off when it detects occupancy in the room and based on the level of light at that moment.
LED: Luminous flux maintenance 80%: 80.000h (L80B20).
Luminous flux maintenance 90%: 40.000h (L90B10).
Power factor ≥0.95.
Photobiological safety class:   exempt group.
The Dynamic White function allows adjusting the colour temperature from 2700K to 6500K to create a sense of the passing of time (circadian rhythm) and to set the mood and ambiance of a space according to our daily activities. Circadian lighting obtained with the Dynamic White function is the best solution to implement Human Centric Lighting (HCL) in classrooms, university campuses, offices and hospitals where lights can mimic the natural trend of daylight throughout the entire day.
• Colour temperature adjustment range from 2700K to 6500K on a linear scale
• MacAdams 3
• Full 3% to 100% dimming range
• Switch-off fading
• <4% flicker
• Constant colour temperature over the entire dimming range
• LED driver that automatically adjusts lights to the desired colour temperature and the required luminous flux
• Simulation of daylight throughout the day
• Increased concentration, productivity and visual wellbeing
• Circadian cycle:
colour changes automatically based on time and daylight

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CodeGearKgLumen Output-K-CRIWTotColour
150331-1989CLD CELL-D-D4LED HCL 3275 – 3275lm-2700K – 6500K – 43°-CRI 8028WWHITE