Disano 602 Disanlens

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New developments were also introduced in some of the best sellers of Disano’s interior lighting range. The new Disanlens ceiling lamp represents the ideal solution for the relamping of spaces where optimal light distribution is key for ensuring maximum visual comfort. Thanks to its original design, specifically studied to be inserted into large commercial spaces or in offices and school buildings, Disanlens is the best solution for excellent light distribution.

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LED sources allow savings that reach 30% compared to traditional T5 and even 60% compared to the T8 lamps.
With a life of 50000 hours, Disanlens meets the needs of systems that require long ON times.
With the new Disanlens, schools, offices and healthcare facilities can update their lighting systems, saving energy with higher light quality. The ceiling lamp features the best technologies and latest generation LED sources
Housing: in extruded aluminium with closing ends.
Diffuser: in shatter-proof, self-extinguishing and UV-stabilised V2 polycarbonate. Smooth and dust-proof on the outside, and multiple grooves on the inside to increase light distribution.
Coating: smooth, white powder coating.
Equipment: silicone rubber gasket; outer screws in stainless steel.
Power factor ≥0.9.
Luminous flux maintenance 80%: 50.000h (L80B20).
Photobiological safety class:
Exempt group.

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CodeGearKgLumen Output-K-CRIWTotColour
115597-00CLD CELL1.47LED 1720lm-4000K-CRI 8015WWHITE
115597-07CLD CELL-E1.89LED 1720lm-4000K-CRI 8018WWHITE
115598-00CLD CELL2.65LED 3440lm-4000K-CRI 8030WWHITE
115598-07CLD CELL-E2.88LED 3440lm-4000K-CRI 8033WWHITE