Disano 3276 Mini Stelvio – asymmetric

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PDF: technicalsheet

Housing and cover: in die-cast aluminium and designed with a very small surface exposed to wind. Cooling fins are integrated into the cover.
Pole connection: in die-cast aluminium and with gaskets to secure the frame according to different inclinations. Adjustable ranges: between 0° and 15° for side mount; and between 0° and 10° for mast-top mounting. Inclination pace: 5°. Suited for poles with a diameter 63-60mm
Diffuser: clear, tempered glass, 4 mm thick, resistant to thermal shock and impacts (UNI-EN 12150-1 : 2001)
Coating: the standard powder coating consists of a first metal surface pre-treatment stage and of single layer of UV-stabilised, corrosion and salt resistant polyester powder coating.

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Standard supply: Automatic temperature control inside the device with automatic resetting. Electronic safety device to protect the LED module and the related ballast compliant with EN 61547.
It works in two modes:
– differential mode: surge between power cables and between the phase and neutral.
– common mode: surge between power, L/N and ground cables or between the fixture’s body if it is of class II and installed on a metal pole.
Upon request: protection up to 10KV.
Equipment: complete with IP67 airtight connector for mains connection. Supplied with double insulation switch that cuts off electricity when the cover is opened.
Energy-saving: the possibility to choose the correct drive current for LEDs will allow you to have the right power under specific design conditions, and also help you deal with maintenance and retrofitting problems. Using a lower current will improve the efficiency of fixtures and therefore increase energy savings, whilst a higher current will result in a higher light flux so that you can reduce the number of fixtures.
Optics: in PMMA, highly resistant to temperature and UV radiation.
LED: Ta-30+40°C life 80%: >100.000h (L80B10).
Power factor >0.9
Regulations:Produced according to applicable EN60598-1 CEI 34-21 standards, degree of protection according to EN 60529 standards.
Upon request:
– with power supply 1-10 V dimmable with subcode 12.
– with power supply DIG dimmable with subcode 0041.
– with virtual midnight subcode 30.
– power line carrier remote control systems subcode 0078.
– Coating compliant with UNI EN ISO 9227 Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres for aggressive environments.
Wind surface: L:139cm² F:400cm².

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CodeGearKgLumen Output-K-CRIWTotColour
330370-00CLD CELL7.56LED 5502lm-700mA-4000K-CRI>7051W6/8kV
330371-00CLD CELL7.88LED 7718lm-700mA-4000K-CRI>7076W6/8kV
330372-00CLD CELL7.64LED 10326lm-700mA-4000K-CRI>70102W6/8kV
330480-00CLD CELL7.58LED 2991lm-350mA-4000K-CRI>7026W6/8kV
330481-00CLD CELL7.92LED 4488lm-350mA-4000K-CRI7037W6/8kV
330482-00CLD CELL8.34LED 5983lm-350mA-4000K-CRI>7050W6/8kV
330483-00CLD CELL7.94LED 4380lm-530mA-4000K-CRI>7039W6/8kV
330484-00CLD CELL7.94LED 6569lm-530mA-4000K-CRI>7057W6/8kV
330485-00CLD CELL7.88LED 8759lm-530mA-4000K-CRI>7078W6/8kV
330370-39CLD CELL8.2LED 5117lm-700mA-3000K-CRI>7052W6/8kV
330371-39CLD CELL8.48LED 7178lm-700mA-3000K-CRI>7078W6/8kV
330372-39CLD CELL7.94LED 9603lm-700mA-3000K-CRI>70104W6/8kV
330480-39CLD CELL7.38LED 2782lm-350mA-3000K-CRI>7026W6/8kV
330481-39CLD CELL7.94LED 4174lm-350mA-3000K-CRI>7037W6/8kV
330482-39CLD CELL8.3LED 5564lm-350mA-3000K-CRI>7049W6/8kV
330483-39CLD CELL8LED 4073lm-530mA-3000K-CRI>7025W6/8kV
330484-39CLD CELL8LED 6109lm-530mA-3000K-CRI>7050W6/8kV
330485-39CLD CELL7.7LED 8146lm-530mA-3000K-CRI>7074W6/8kV