Disano 3223 Sforza LED – asymmetric

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Urban elegance often rhymes with simplicity. A need is felt for simple and easily recognizable shapes in an urban landscape increasingly crowded with stimuli and confused signals.
Sforza conveys a sense of peace and reliability, which is just what a good urban lighting project requires. (also indoor version)
Housing/Frame: in die-cast aluminium. With provision for central connection.
Diffuser: tempered glass, 5 mm thick, thermal shock and impact resistant (UNI EN 12150 tests .

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– 1/2001).
Optics: in PMMA, highly resistant to temperature and UV radiation
Coating: the standard liquid immersion coating consists of a first metal surface pre-treatment stage, a successive epoxy cataphoresis corrosion and salt resistant coating, and a final layer of bi-component acrylic liquid UV-stabilised coating.
Standard supply: automatic temperature control device. In the event of an unexpected LED temperature rise caused by particular weather conditions or a LED failure, the system will reduce the luminous flux to lower the working temperature and guarantee proper operation. Safety diode to protect against voltage peaks.
Equipment: complete with IP67 airtight connector for mains connection.
Supplied with double insulation switch that cuts off electricity when the cover is opened.
Heat sink: the heat dissipation system is specially designed and made to allow the operation of the LED lights with temperatures below 50° (Tj = 25°), thus guaranteeing POWERLED Latest generation Ta-30+40°C life 60.000h to 70% L70B20
Photobiological safety class: exempt group
Power factor >0.9
Regulations:Produced according to applicable EN60598-1 CEI 34-21 standards, degree of protection according to EN 60529 standards.
At request it can be equipped with several dimming systems installed on the fixture:
– Bi-power dimming with virtual midnight option.
– Power line carrier (PLC) remote control.
– 1-10V dimmable driver with external control.

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CodeGearKgLumen Output-K-CRIWTotColour
327111-30CLD CELL10.48LED 9252lm-530mA-4000K-CRI>7078WGREY9007/GRAF.
327111-00CLD CELL12LED 9252lm-530mA-4000K-CRI>7078WGREY9007/GRAF.