Disano 3206 Lucerna Q6 LED elliptical lenses

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In the history of design there are traditional shapes that cannot possibly be suppressed. Characteristic lampposts with glass lanterns are pictured in all the old photographs of every town and city, they are present in personal memories and part of the urban décor itself.
The opportunity presented by new technologies to renovate urban lighting to improve light efficiency and save energy, can be united with the desire to preserve the endless charm of old lampposts.

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Lucerna is not a mere redesigned version of the traditional lamppost, but a new project where great care has been taken over the reshaping of a traditional pattern down to the most minute detail. The lantern comes in two versions, respectively with a square and a circular section, paired with redesigned poles in matching styles that are decorated with distinctive floral motifs at the base or around the connector joining the pole to the lamp.
Housing, lid, spokes, and connection for die-cast aluminium pressed poles.
Diffuseur: Tempered glass, 5 mm thick, withstands thermal shock and impacts
Coating: the standard liquid immersion coating consists of a first metal surface pre-treatment stage, a successive epoxy cataphoresis corrosion and salt resistant coating, and a final layer of bi-component acrylic liquid UV-stabilised coating.
Equipment: Socket-pin connector for quick connection to the line. Stainless steel screws.  Steel slide-away hinge, 25/10 thickness, with safety brackets against the accidental closure of the lid. Supplied with knife switch, which enables to cut off the power supply automatically in case of maintenance.
Ta-30+40°C life 80%: >100.000h (L80B10).
Photobiological safety class: exempt group. . The total return of the equipment is close to 100%. The total return of the equipment is close to 100%. Each LED module is equipped with a lens with high efficiency
Regulations: Produced according to applicable EN60598-1 CEI 34-21 standards, degree of protection according to EN 60529 standards.

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CodeGearKgLumen Output-K-CRIWTotColour
327200-00CLD CELL10.55LED 3987lm-350mA-4000K-CRI>7033WANTHRACITE