Disano 2162 Radon HE – wide beam – UGR<22

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Waterproof lighting fixtures are fundamental, especially if installed in series, like in industrial or infrastructural applications. This type of fixtures is required to be robust and reliable. And along with LED sources, they are the main characteristics of a lighting system that can guarantee maximum lighting efficiency and duration in time.
In the LED version, to be used also for the relamping of old lighting systems, the best waterproof luminaires offer extraordinary results in terms energy savings, lighting quality and operating life.

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The fixtures of the Radon LED series by Disano, made in aluminium and tempered glass, feature all these characteristics, starting from exceptional robustness, guaranteed by superior quality materials and special manufacturing processes, such as the anti-corrosion surface treatment.
Ideal for the installation in industrial areas, Radon LED is available in addition to the low flicker mark, which are important qualities to ensure the safety and visual comfort of workers.
Radon LED is the best investment also for its very long life cycle.
Available with different optics to get the best results, Radon LED also comes in the version especially conceived for horticulture, one of the new frontiers of the LED technology.
Housing: in extruded aluminium with terminal ends in die-cast aluminium.
Diffuser: 4 mm thick temperate glass resistant to thermal shock and impacts (UNI EN 12150-1:2001).
Coating: the standard powder coating consists of a first metal surface pre-treatment stage of UV-stabilised, corrosion and salt resistant polyester powder coating
Standard supply: complete with mounting bracket to install the fixture as a ceiling/suspension lamp, including stainless steel screws, plug-socket connector for fast and easy installation without any need to open the lamp.
LED: Power factor: ≥0,95.
Coating compliant with UNI EN ISO 9227 Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres for aggressive environments
On request: ideal version for spaces with a high concentration of particular volatile chemicals around the luminaires.
Optics : in high-performance metallic V0 polycarbonate.
Photobiological safety class: Exempt group.
Allowable ambient temperature: -30°C to + 40°C
Luminous flux maintenance: L90B10 – 50.000h
– with pass-through wiring for continuous line mounting: subcode -0072.

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CodeGearKgLumen Output-K-CRIWTotColour
413410-00CLD CELL3.81LED 6431lm-4000K-CRI 8053WGRAPHITE
413411-00CLD CELL3.84LED 6431lm-4000K-CRI 8053WGREY
413412-00CLD CELL5.34LED 9647lm-4000K-CRI 8080WGRAPHITE
413413-00CLD CELL5.29LED 9647lm-4000K-CRI 8080WGREY
413410-07CLD CELL-E4.5LED 6431lm-4000K-CRI 8053WGRAPHITE
413411-07CLD CELL-E4.5LED 6431lm-4000K-CRI 8053WGREY
413412-07CLD CELL-E5.9LED 9647lm-4000K-CRI 8080WGRAPHITE
413413-07CLD CELL-E4.9LED 9647lm-4000K-CRI 8080WGREY