Disano 1789 Astro LED – UGR<25 - wide beam

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Astro LED is the reflector that achieves the most advanced results in industrial, sporting and large area lighting
The concept of Human Centric Light, which is based on a perfect lighting control
Lights with great aesthetic quality, superior energy-efficiency and long life: in order to obtain the best from the new lighting technology, lighting systems need the technical requirements and the reliability of state-of-the-art fixtures, such as the ones designed by Disano, a company with over fifty years of experience in the lighting sector.

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Astro was created to meet these criteria and is available in three different versions: for interiors, centre-road application and as a spotlight.
Simple and linear aesthetics combines with a sophisticated technology to offer exceptional technical performance: Astro was designed to take the best from all the potential of the new high-performance LED lights.
Quality materials and the fixture’s high reliability, as always guaranteed by Disano, are a safe investment.
The product offers the possibility to choose the correct drive current for LEDs and have the right power under specific design conditions
Housing: in die-cast aluminium with cooling fins integrated into the cover.
Optics : in high-performance metallic V0 polycarbonate with micro-faceted finish.
Diffuser: tempered glass, 4 mm thick, resistant to thermal shocks and impacts (UNI-EN 12150-1: 2001).
Coating: the standard powder coating consists of a first metal surface pre-treatment stage and of single layer of UV-stabilised, corrosion and salt resistant polyester powder coating.
Standard supply: device for automatic temperature control. In the event of an unexpected temperature rise caused by particular weather conditions, the system will reduce the luminous flux to lower the working temperature and guarantee proper operation.  Electronic safety device to protect the LED module and the related ballast compliant with EN 61547.
It works in two modes:
– differential mode: surge between power cables and between the phase and neutral.
– common mode: surge between power, L/N and ground cables or between the fixture’s body if it is of class II and installed on a metal pole.
Upon request:  for Class II fixtures, protection up to 10KV.
Equipment: complete with watertight IP68 connecter for line connection. Anti-condensation valve for air recirculation.
Heat sink: the heat dissipation system is specially designed and made to allow the operation of the LED lights with temperatures below 50° (Tj = 85°), thus guaranteeing excellent performance/efficiency and durability.
The possibility to choose the correct drive current for LEDs. Using a lower current will improve the efficiency of fixtures and therefore increase energy saving.
Optics: in PMMA, highly resistant to temperature and UV radiation.
Photobiological safety class: exempt group EN62471.
Emergency version: 1h, acc. 1175 to be purchased separately
Upon request:
– With power supply DIG dimmable with subcode 0041.
– Emergency wiring with centralized power supply CLD CELL-EC (sub-code -0050).
It is also available with sensors
Luminous flux maintenance
330196-00 / 330197-00: 90% – 100.000h – (L90B10) – Ta = -40°C ÷ +45°
330190-00 / 330193-00: 90% – 100.000h – (L90B10) – Ta = -40°C ÷ +45°
330191-00 / 330194-00: 90% – 100.000h – (L90B10) – Ta = -40°C ÷ +40°
330192-00 / 330195-00: 90% – 100.000h – (L90B10) – Ta = -40°C ÷ +40°
330088-00 / 330089-00: 90% – 100.000h – (L90B10) – Ta = -40°C ÷ +40°
(request in head office for higher Ta…)

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CodeGearKgLumen Output-K-CRIWTotColour
330096-00CLD CELL9.03LED 11149lm-4000K-CRI 80102W6/8kV
330097-00CLD CELL8.98LED 11149lm-4000K-CRI 80102W6/8kV
330090-00CLD CELL11.1LED 14865lm-4000K-CRI 80135W6/8kV
330093-00CLD CELL8.98LED 14865lm-4000K-CRI 80135W6/8kV
330091-00CLD CELL10.3LED 22298lm-4000K-CRI 80200W6/8kV
330094-00CLD CELL10.22LED 22298lm-4000K-CRI 80200W6/8kV
330092-00CLD CELL12.5LED 26013lm-4000K-CRI 80235W6/8kV
330095-00CLD CELL12.5LED 26013lm-4000K-CRI 80235W6/8kV
330088-00CLD CELL-D9.3LED 25987lm-4000K-CRI 80248W6/8kV
330089-00CLD CELL-D9.61LED 25987lm-4000K-CRI 80248W6/8kV
330096-07CLD CELL-E9.78LED 11149lm-4000K-CRI 80103W6/8kV
330097-07CLD CELL-E10LED 11149lm-4000K-CRI 80103W6/8kV
330090-07CLD CELL-E11.5LED 14865lm-4000K-CRI 80135W6/8kV
330093-07CLD CELL-E11.46LED 14865lm-4000K-CRI 80135W6/8kV
330091-07CLD CELL-E9.54LED 22298lm-4000K-CRI 80217W6/8kV
330094-07CLD CELL-E9.35LED 22298lm-4000K-CRI 80204W6/8kV
330092-07CLD CELL-E11.54LED 26013lm-4000K-CRI 80236W6/8kV
330095-07CLD CELL-E11.5LED 26013lm-4000K-CRI 80236W6/8kV
330088-07CLD CELL-D-E9.29LED 25987lm-4000K-CRI 80248W6/8kV
330089-07CLD CELL-D-E12LED 25987lm-4000K-CRI 80248W6/8kV
330096-0041CLD CELL-D-D10.14LED 11149lm-4000K-CRI 80102W6/8kV
330097-0041CLD CELL-D-D9.8LED 11149lm-4000K-CRI 80102W
330090-0041CLD CELL-D-D11.68LED 14865lm-4000K-CRI 80135W
330093-0041CLD CELL-D-D11.5LED 14865lm-4000K-CRI 80133W
330091-0041CLD CELL-D-D9.3LED 22298lm-4000K-CRI 80202W
330094-0041CLD CELL-D-D11.7LED 22298lm-4000K-CRI 80202W
330092-0041CLD CELL-D-D11.72LED 26013lm-4000K-CRI 80235W
330095-0041CLD CELL-D-D11.5LED 26013lm-4000K-CRI 80235W