Disano 1710 Cripto COB small – Wide beam

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Disano presents a spotlight designed to be a possible retrofit solutions for more classic models.
The excellent performance of this spotlight in terms of energy savings and luminous efficiency combine with a long life of 50000 hours and materials with IP66 protection for outdoor installation.
Its advanced technology and functional design are conceived to reduce consumptions and fulfil the increasing need to replace obsolete fixtures and meet the growing attention towards energy savings.

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Housing/Chassis: in die-cast aluminium with cooling fins.
Diffuser: in tempered glass, 4 mm thick, resistant to thermal shocks and impacts.
Coating: the standard powder coating consists of a first metal surface pre-treatment stage and of single layer of UV-stabilised, corrosion and salt resistant polyester powder coating.
On request: coating compliant with UNI EN ISO 9227 Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres for aggressive environments.
Equipment: complete with zinc coated bracket and power cable.Electronic safety device to protect the LED module and the related ballast compliant with EN 61547.
Surge protection 3.5/4kV
It works in two modes:
– differential mode: surge between power cables and between the phase and neutral.
– common mode: surge between power, L/N and ground cables or between the fixture’s body if it is of class II and installed on a metal pole.
Upon request: 1-10V dimmer, for 0 to 100% dimming.
Reflector: in pre-anodized aluminium.
Standards: manufactured pursuant to EN 60598-1-CEI 34.21 and with a degree of protection pursuant to EN 60529. Suitable for installation on normally inflammable surfaces.
Photobiological risk: exempt, pursuant to EN62471.
Power factor: >= 0.9.
80% luminous flux maintenance at 80%: 50000h (L80B20)
Wind surface: L:135cm² F:475cm².

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CodeGearKgLumen Output-K-CRIWTotColour
413000-00CLD CELL2LED COB 2654lm-4000K-CRI 9028W3,5/4kV
413001-00CLD CELL2LED COB 2654lm-4000K-CRI 9028W3,5/4kV
413002-00CLD CELL2.06LED COB 2654lm-4000K-CRI 9028W3,5/4kV
413003-00CLD CELL2.08LED COB 2654lm-4000K-CRI 9028W3,5/4kV
413050-00CLD CELL2LED COB 3907lm-4000K-CRI 9043W3,5/4kV
413051-00CLD CELL2LED COB 3907lm-4000K-CRI 9043W3,5/4kV
413054-00CLD CELL2.16LED COB 3907lm-4000K-CRI 9043W3,5/4kV
413056-00CLD CELL2.18LED COB 3907lm-4000K-CRI 9041W3,5/4kV
413052-00CLD CELL2LED COB 5237lm-4000K-CRI 9057W1/2kV
413053-00CLD CELL2LED COB 5237lm-4000K-CRI 9057W1/2kV
413055-00CLD CELL2.14LED COB 5237lm-4000K-CRI 9057W1/2kV
413057-00CLD CELL2.12LED COB 5237lm-4000K-CRI 9057W1/2kV
413000-73CLD CELL2.04LED COB AMBER 3264lm-2200K-amber-28W3,5/4kV
413001-73CLD CELL2.12LED COB AMBER 3264lm-2200K-amber-28W3,5/4kV
413002-73CLD CELL1.74LED COB AMBER 3264lm-2200K-amber-28W3,5/4kV
413003-73CLD CELL2.08LED COB AMBER 3264lm-2200K-amber-28W3,5/4kV
413050-73CLD CELL2.18LED COB AMBER 4453lm-2200K-amber-43W3,5/4kV
413051-73CLD CELL2.12LED COB AMBER 4453lm-2200K-amber-43W3,5/4kV
413054-73CLD CELL2.2LED COB AMBER 4453lm-2200K-amber-43W3,5/4kV
413056-73CLD CELL2.16LED COB AMBER 4453lm-2200K-amber-41W3,5/4kV