Disano 1583 Vista LED COB

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Housing/cover: In die-cast aluminium.
Diffuser: In vandal resistant and V2 self-estinguishing polycarbonate, UV-stabilized, anti-yellowing, smooth and clear.
Painting: the standard liquid immersion coating consists of a first metal surface pre-treatment stage, a successive epoxy cataphoresis corrosion and salt resistant coating, and a final layer of bi-component acrylic liquid UV-stabilised coating.
Standard supply: opal glass and aluminium cover interior.

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Equipment: Fiberglass nylon cable gland Ø 1/2 gas thread (cable min Ø  9 max Ø 12). Environment-friendly gasket. Removable control gear tray with lampholder, in fiberglass nylon. Complete with socket-plug. temperature control device inside the lamp with automatic recovery. Safety diode to protect against voltage peaks pursuant to EN61547. Dedicated electronic device to protect the LED module. Standard knife switch.
Mounting: On pole Ø 76/60 mm or arm.
Regulations:Produced according to applicable EN60598-1 CEI 34-21 standards, IP65IK09 degree of protection according to EN 60529 standards. Insulation class II.
Ta-20+40°C life 50.000h to 80%
Photobiological safety class: exempt group EN62471.

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CodeGearKgLumen Output-K-CRIWTotColour
422212-00CLD CELL10.29LED COB 3700lm-4000K-CRI8053WGRAPHITE
422213-00CLD CELL10.33LED COB 3700lm-4000K-CRI8053WGREY9007
422212-0016CLD CELL10.09LED COB 3140lm-4000K-CRI8053WGRAPHITE
422213-0016CLD CELL10.35LED COB 3140lm-4000K-CRI8053WGREY9007
422212-73CLD CELL10.82LED COB AMBER 3415lm-2200K-amber-57WGRAPHITE
422213-73CLD CELL10.86LED COB AMBER 3415lm-2200K-amber-57WGREY9007
422212-39CLD CELL10.22LED COB 3441lm-3000K-CRI8053WGRAPHITE
422213-39CLD CELL10.71LED COB 3441lm-3000K-CRI8053WGREY9007
422212-3916CLD CELL10.09LED COB 2920lm-3000K-CRI8059WGRAPHITE
422213-3916CLD CELL10.7LED COB 2920lm-3000K-CRI8059WGREY9007